1. What kind of event is this?

This event is a mini Ball-Jointed-Doll Convention.  There are several separate aspects to the event. We will have an "Exhibition Hall" that features the diorama displays by the 7 artists in the lineup this year. These are for you to look at, photograph and get inspired by, but are not meant to be touched or played with. There will be the Vendors Hall / Trunkshow. Here you can buy things from the vendors and other attendees, and setup your own things to sell or trade. The "Photography Stage" will feature areas with a large stage to pose your own dolls with and take pictures. The whole Expo is also a regular doll meetup. So there will be snacks, and space for people to chat, hangout and setup any dolls you've brought with you.

2. What is a trunkshow?

A trunkshow is basically a small fair where people sell and trade items. If you want to bring things to sell at the trunshow you are very welcome to. We have quite a bit of space available for this, but it is first come first serve. You don't need to sign up ahead of time, just come the day of the event with your items. The trunkshow will be held in a long hallway that connects the other areas of the event. I will not have tables available - so please bring whatever you need to display the items you are selling. Small folding tables, or even a blanket to lay your items out on will be a very good idea.

3. I don't have a doll yet. Can I still come?

Yes! Absolutely. This should be about seeing the pretty displays, maybe even finding small items for your future doll, and just meeting other people that are obsessed with BJDs too.

4. I want to bring a friend that doesn't have a doll, is that ok?

Yes! Please do! It might be good to  show them one of the meetup etiquette videos first, so they know the general dos and don'ts of a bjd meet.

5. My dolls are default/unfinished/not super one of a kind artworks. Can I bring them?

Yes! Of course! All BJDs are welcome at this event. If you would bring them to a meetup, then bring them to this!

6. Do my dolls have to dress up "in theme"?

Nope! You don't have to do anything with your dolls other than bring them. Your level of participating is up to you, just like it would be at a convention. Some people will go all out, and some people will just come as they are, and both are great and equally welcome.

7. What do you mean by "Exhibition?" Do I have to a have a super fancy doll to put on display?

Nope! "Exhibition" means that there will be dolls setup on displays, like at an artshow. You can bring any doll you like, and you're welcome to use the photoset to play with it and take pictures but it does not have to be "on display".

8. How many dolls can I bring with me?

As many as you feel comfortable with. There will be areas for setting your dolls down so you don't have to hold them the entire time, but like with any normal meetup, just use common sense. There will be a lot of people you don't know, and Uncanny Dream cannot take any responsibility for your possessions. So if you're going to go into another room, you will probably want to take your dolls with you or have a friend or someone you know keep an eye on them for you.

9. Are the dolls limited to the same criteria as on DoA?

No. We will have a looser definition of BJD than DoA. Off topic dolls are ok, and not-yet-approved artist sculpts are ok too. You can bring Pullips or Blythes as well, since some of the items for sale will work for them too. The focus of this event is "Ball Jointed Dolls" so just use your discretion when thinking about who to bring along.

10. Is food and drink allowed during the event?

Yes! We will have some snacks, and it would be lovely if you brought more. Non-messy non-spoiling fingerfoods are best for this kind of event. Cookies, brownies, pretzels, small sandwiches, those sorts of things. If you want to see something specific at the event, you will need to bring it. We are not going to formally coordinate food.

11. How does the selling work?

You manage all your own selling. So you should bring your items price-tagged and ready to go, and decide what payment methods you will take. Usually for trunk shows people will have things in individual plastic baggies, so you can keep shoes together, wigs safe while they're being handled, etc. You need to bring whatever setup you will require for selling yourself. There will not be tables available - so please bring your own small folding table, or even a large blanket to display your items on.

12. When selling items, do we just price them, put them on a table and walk away? Or do we have to stay with the items?

Just like with the meetup component, use common sense. If you are walking around the sales area and can see your items, you will probably be fine not being right next to them. But if you are going to go take pictures of your doll for an hour, you should not leave your items unattended. You are responsible for your own property.

13. Is there going to be a trading area?

Yes! You are welcome to trade in the trunkshow area. The buying/selling/trading is up to you attendees. You will manage all your own sales, and if you want to trade someone something, just ask. They might be up for it, they might not be. You can also bring a small sign for yourself, like "Ask me about trading?" to signal that you are up for it.

14. Can I bring my kids?

This event is not appropriate for children 13 and under. Some of the displays contain adult themes, and a lot of fragile items will be present at this. Sorry for anyone with younger children, but we are asking that small children be left at home with a spouse or sitter.

15. I’ve never been to a meetup. This event sounds really scary.

Please don’t be scared or intimidated. We’re trying to put together a fun event for all of us to enjoy our shared love of BJDs. Whatever level of the hobby you’re at, we would love to have you come!

16. Where can I park?

The event is in the 619 Western Building, which is at the corner of Western and Yesler adjacent to the Alaskan Way Viaduct. There is parking underneath the viaduct, from S Jackson to Pike and Pine. This will be the best place to look for parking (its free on Sundays). You may be able to find street parking outside the building, and there are a lot of pay lots in within a 4 block radius.